Here's THE Truth 
On getting a six-pack
I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One to Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals, Including that Elusive Six-Pack!
Developed through my own trial and error process, I figured out what was working for me from both a nutrition and exercise perspective, which led to the development of my fitness program, the Back-to-Basics Workout Series.
"Everything YOU NEED For Weight Loss Success!"
With Back-to-Basics I'm Giving You The Whole Package!

Packed with information about how various foods affect you and how to adjust your diet to eat better to facilitate your workout results. I’ll teach you how many calories, carbs, protein and fiber you need, as well as the importance of fats in your diet, to ensure your workouts won’t be for nothing. You’ll learn what it takes to reach your desired muscle to body fat composition and how to eat to stay there. I also discuss what I learned from researching the effectiveness of antioxidant supplement products, and why it may be more effective to get your antioxidants from food!
I’ll take you into the kitchen to show you how easy it is to prepare healthy tasty meals for those on the go. No more excuses and fast food binges. Healthy meals with ingredients you buy at your grocery store, so no need to believe you have to shop at the expensive health food stores. This is where I workout in the kitchen!
A lower and upper body workout designed for those new to exercise or those looking to start up again after a long lay off! Again, I want you to go at your pace so you can achieve success and keep progressing. Even though these are beginning workouts, I’ll push you to improve your conditioning allowing you to continue pushing yourself toward that lean cut body. There is no quitting once you start! No need to be too crazy right away, so these are perfect workouts to get you going, yet challenging for those who have a base level of fitness, but want a more basic routine without complex moves risking injury! The goal is to not rush to meet a short-term timetable, but rather to ensure you stick with it and keep improving. The goal is to just get there no matter what!
An advanced upper body workout structured for you to significantly improve your muscularity, strength and cardio fitness, resulting in that rock hard body you are after. By adding some weight to body weight exercises, you will increase strength and muscular endurance without the need for heavy barbell based weight training routines. Moreover, the higher intensity required to perform these workouts will strip off those last pounds of body fat resulting in that ripped look.
An advanced Lower body workout structured for you to significantly improve your muscularity, strength and cardio fitness, resulting in that rock hard body you are after. By adding some weight to body weight exercises, you will increase strength and muscular endurance without the need for heavy barbell based weight training routines. Each leg is worked separately to increase intensity and improve balance, something that deteriorates with age!
A step-by-step instruction tutorial on how to jump rope with the correct rhythm with basic foot and arm patterns. Jumping rope is one of the most efficient exercises to burn fat, but many think it is too hard
to learn. This instructional video takes you through the movement mechanics step by step to ensure you will learn the proper rhythm. Within no time, you’ll be rapidly burning fat with this great low impact exercise.
A step-by-step guide to performing advanced foot and arm patterns to further enhance cardio intensity while also improving your agility and athleticism. Learning the advanced movements is not necessary for successful fat loss, but valuable for those seeking more advanced coordination development for advanced athletic performance and a higher level of anaerobic conditioning!
An innovative jump rope workout for those seeking to regain or improve their coordination while burning fat. Timed rest break options of 60, 30 and 15 seconds allow you to start at, and improve at a pace matching your current physical condition. Each rest break is filled with tips on nutrition, health facts and inspirational quotes to keep you on track! So just let the program run without worrying about having
These workouts begin to accelerate your fat loss progress leading to that lean look, while significantly improving your agility and conditioning. Rest break options for this work out are set at 30 and 15
seconds. This is a more advanced workout for those seeking to progress to the next level of cardio fitness!
While the other workouts provide great indirect core work to move you towards a six-pack, you can accelerate your progress with my AB workouts.
In my Abdominals DVD, I’ll start you off with some beginning AB exercises to build some base strength so you can progress to the advanced workout giving you those washboard Abs you’ve craved! I use my advanced AB workout once a week to maintain my six-pack, so age is not an issue.
Heres what Back-to-Basics can do for you...
I Didn't let age be a barrier!
With the right attitude and program, you can make it happen like me
Here in my early 40s, I gained about 40 pounds, which put me at 210. 
My weight when I was lean back in high school and college was in the 170 to 175 pound range.  A demanding career and family responsibilities led to convenience eating and excuses on why I didn't have time for exercise. 
I knew I had to better balance my time and change my thinking.
Once I made the decision to prioritize getting my health back, I experimented with my workouts, eventually settling on a group of exercises for my upper and lower body that were working within my schedule. I also went through a trial and error process with my diet, making little adjustments to how I seasoned foods, and my portion sizes. Once I put it all together, and stuck with it, eliminating the pressure to meet my goal under someone's timetable, I met my goal. I didn't get wrapped up into how long it was taking, I just focused on making progress, and eventually cutting my fat down to that lean physique I was after, including that elusive six-pack. 
SO what are the key steps to getting your six pack?
  •  Learn Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) to Set Calorie Target
  •  Organize Your Diet into a Core Set of Foods You Enjoy
  •  Performing the Beginning Workouts and Start Progressing
  •  Migrate to the Advanced Workouts for Accelerated Results
  •  Perform my Abdominal Workout Once a Week
  •  Success in Meeting Your Goals and Live a Healthy, Wealthy Life
Take Action and Make it Happen
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