Tim Feeser

Tim’s Story: It’s Never Too Late

Tim was an active teenager involved in sports and in great shape. He remembers shooting his mouth off to his father and other neighborhood dads that he would never get out of shape like them. Of course, they smiled and in their infinite wisdom knew what lie ahead for him. He some day too, would be putting hard earned money to “his waist”.

His physical demise was slow and deliberate, beginning in college with full class loads while working full-time as a night shift security guard, continuing throughout his early career as a healthcare consulting actuary taking actuarial exams.

At 36, He was an out of shape husband, father of three, working long hours with consistient travel. Maybe his fate was sealed and his glory days of a lean physique were long gone. But Tim never gives up, so he researched the fitness and nutriton literature to learn how to maximize his success within his time constraints.

Through trial and error, Tim figured out how to re-structure his workouts and diet, making significant progress early on before hitting the wall within a few months. Through continued reading, he learned about high intensity interval training and appropriate meal portion sizes.

With some simple corrections to his workouts and diet, he has maintained his level of health and fitness, all while feeling younger then he felt throughout his thirties.

Now Tim is a 58 year old fitness advocate and father of 3 adult children who spent over 33 years as a consulting professional in large corporate consulting organizations. 30 of those years were specific to the healthcare industry. Tim currently works for a small healthcare company and understands the immense benefit that getting in and staying in shape can have on our country’s healthcare cost problem. So he took action and created Back-To-Basics to help YOU change your life.

Strength Training

There are hundreds of exercises and many pieces of equipment you can try, but the reality is, YOU are the one that has to push yourself to make the honest effort on any program you decide to model as your exercise routine


I have seen people get into great shape and then gain all the weight back. Why does this happen? Is it possible they made the weight loss process so grueling that they hated so much that once they made it, they were happy to be done, and went back to the old diet and lifestyle.

Weight Loss

Nutrition comes first as it is the cornerstone of any weight loss and exercise program.

Get Fit

How To Do Pull Ups

How to increase your pull ups reps. High intensity pull ups workouts. Demonstration of the best ways to do pull ups with varying grips to get a maximum upper body workout. Performing pull ups leads to an intense upper body work out and is a best exercise fr arms and back.


Healthcare consulting actuary & Father of 3

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