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Your Nutrition Numbers

Research shows we are better off eating 5 to 6 meals per day in reaching our daily total calories. But most people have no idea what an appropriate daily calorie target is. I’ve crunched the numbers and I can help you learn yours!

Beginning & Advanced Workouts

When you have not exercised in a while, it may be difficult to jump right into some super high intensity routine to meet your weight loss goals. The Back-to-Basics Workout Series provides beginning and advanced workouts allowing you to progress at your pace ensuring you stick with your workout plan and succeed.

Fat Burning Cardio

If you’re like most people, you hate cardio exercise. Maybe you dont like running or you are sick of tread mills and exercise bikes. Did you know that research has shown that jumping rope is one of the most efficient fat burning cardio activities to perform? I can make roping easy for you!

Learn How You Can Eat Healthy Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

We are all busy and like to use that as an excuse to why we remain overweight and revert to fast food convenience eating. To shift from convenience eating to healthy eating for weight loss, I can get you on the right path without adding extra time to your busy schedule. I may actually even SAVE you time!

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritious Balance?

Your diet is 5-6 times more important than your workout

Think about that statement for a moment. When you start a weight loss program you get excited and focus mostly on the exercise part, and maybe cut back on calories. If you are eating 5 to 6 times per while only working out once per day, what do you think should have more of your attention? It’s the nutrition, nutrition and nutrition that is more important.

Nutrition: Learn your Numbers

Don’t start an exercise and nutrition plan without first learning what your nutrition needs are. Know your numbers!

BMR = Calories

Learn your BMR to set your daily calorie consumption target

Protein & Carbs

Protein needs for muscle and carb needs for blood sugar management

Fats, Fiber, Sodium & Potassium

The numbers you need for these essentials/nutrients


The numbers needed for better odds against cancer

Finding the right balance between nutrition and exercise will lead you to succeed

By re-prioritizing your nutrition plan in concept with an efficient exercise plan, My plan will enable you to succeed in adopting a healthy lifestyle you’ll enjoy the rest of your life. This is the foundation of my Back-to-Basics workout series

About Tim

Healthcare Consulting Actuary

Tim is a fitness advocate and father of 3 adult children who spent over 33 years as a consulting professional in large corporate consulting organizations. 30 of those years were specific to the healthcare industry. Tim currently works for a small healthcare company and understands the immense benefit that getting in and staying in shape can have on our country’s healthcare cost problem.

The issue in NOT the insurance companies, it is US.


Nutrition comes first as it is the cornerstone of any weight loss and exercise program. You can exercise all you want, but if you don”t know your nutrition numbers, your exercising without a compass, And you’ll be lost, Which will likely lead to you giving up when you don’t see results


There are hundreds of exercises and many pieces of equipment you can try, but the reality is, YOU are the one that has to push yourself to make the honest effort on any program you decide to model as your exercise routine, keep it basic. 


I have seen people get into great shape and then gain all the weight back. Why does this happen? Is it possible they made the weight loss process so grueling that they hated so much that once they made it, they were happy to be done, and went back to the old diet and lifestyle? I say keep it basic, go at your pace, learn your nutrition numbers and you’ll maintain your results.

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You Need to Know Yours to be Successful at Weight Loss and Maintaining Your Healthy Weight

Eating Right: A quick Guide to Get You Started on Developing Your Eating Plan Giving Consideration to Other Nutritional Metrics Beyond Calories, Protein and Carbs

Cheat Days: Why Cheat Days Can Be of Benefit to Your Sanity and Have an Important Role in Your Healthy Eating Lifestyle

Jumping Rope: A Guide to Getting Started

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do so many people give up so soon after starting an exercise program?

I believe there are many reasons, some of which could be:


  • Life gets busy and most people end up sacrificing their fitness program thinking they will start up again later when things settle down, however most don’t start up again.
  • Lack of self-motivation to stick with it long enough for it to become a habit and viewed as a priority in their life.
  • Many get brain washed into unrealistic goals such as achieving results in 60 to 90 days leading to unrealistic expectations of instant gratification. Ask yourself, how long did it take you to become 25 to 50 pounds or more over weight?
  • Trying to do too much too fast, resulting in the mindset “OMG, this is so grueling”, leading most people to dread the workouts and eventually quit.
Which is Better, Joining a Gym or Using a Home Workout Program?

It may depend on your time, budget and personality. If you have more time in your schedule and can afford it, you may join a gym to get access to all the benefits a gym has to offer. You’ll have the extra commuting time you’ll have to fit into your schedule. If you are less self-conscious about your appearance, you may enjoy the social aspects a gym has to offer.


If you are tight on time and budget, and like your privacy, then a home workout program may be better for you. You can workout on your own schedule at home without needing to commute to a gym. Gym memberships usually have an initiation fee plus the monthly fee that an range anywhere from 20 to 50 bucks for an annual cost of $240 to $600, plus the initial sign up fee and extra gas for commuting.

A good comprehensive home workout program can cost you $50 to $150 that includes DVDs and a guide.


Some may afford both, and perform the home workouts at the gym and enjoying the social aspects of the gym as well.

Why do Many People Fail With Dieting?

I believe if you try to go on an extreme diet that is very restrictive from what your body needs to function, it will be nearly impossible to stick with it. Our bodies were designed to need energy through calorie consumption, and there are many foods on this earth we can eat to meet our needs. A good balanced strategy is to eat a group of healthy foods you enjoy, which meet your body’s energy needs. Many of these recently invented diets (i.e. Atkins) are restrictive and can actually be very dangerous to your health.

How do I stay motivated

I believe the key to staying motivated for weight loss is to understand all of the benefits of being fit. It is more than just looking good. Its also about:


  • Being health on the inside
  • Saving money on medical costs
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Functioning better physically (yard work, fun activities, keeping up with your kids)
  • Functioning better sexually
  • A positive influence to those around you


These can all be powerful motivators to many, and you may have other reasons important to you. Write down what motivates you and tape it to your bathroom mirror, so you see them everyday first thing in the morning. I did this and it’s a great reminder. Keep your eye on the goal!

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